Road Bike Handling Masterclass


Venue: Fife Cycle Park, Lochgelly.

In these sessions you will develop your road bike handling skills, including:

  • Balance and Coordination
  • Braking
  • Using Gears
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Cornering


The majority of us started riding road bikes without any instruction on how to best handle the bike…and we do perfectly well. Yet small adjustments to your technique can make a huge difference to your cycling – even for experienced cyclists. You can feel stronger, more comfortable and more confident.  These sessions will focus on perfecting the skills involved in riding a road bike well.


Session Structure

All sessions are run by Level 2 Road Coach, Diana Farrell.

The Road Bike Handling Masterclass sessions are run as a combination of half day sessions and shorter morning sessions, run in a series. Half day sessions will cover all the skills detailed below. The series of sessions are structured so that each week a different theme is covered in depth. Riders may choose to attend the full series, or to attend sessions which focus on the skills they feel they need to develop most. Riders may also book onto the guided rides after the shorter sessions, where they can put their skills into practise on the roads.

The July half day session is for women-only in response to demand.

All sessions are run at the Fife Cycle Park in Lochgelly.

Each session will consist of a number of structured exercises. There will be discussions between exercises and some time off the bikes, but I aim for riders to spend the vast majority of the session on their bikes. Whole group and individual feedback will be given to participants.

There will be a maximum of eighteen riders per session.



Skills Covered:

  • Riders at the Fife Cycle Park on the Road Bike Handling Masterclass session. Balance and Coordination. Are you comfortable riding on the bars, the drops and the hoods? Can you drink from a water bottle while riding? Are you comfortable clipping in if you use clip pedals? This session will practise these skills and more.
  • Braking. Do you know your front brake from your back brake? Which should you use when? What about braking on corners or descents? Brake with control and confidence after this session.
  • Using Gears. Do you use your full range of gears? Do you understand when to change gears and how to use your front and rear gears efficiently together? Get the hang of your gears with this session.
  • Climbing and Descending. Do you dread the climbs or the descents? Most riders enjoy one and hate the other. Master both with this session.
  • Cornering. Do you find yourself braking on every corner? Do you get dropped on the corners when you ride in a group? Corner with confidence after this session.


Who Are These Sessions For?

The Road Bike Handling Masterclasses are ideal for road cyclists who want to perfect their skills, sportive riders and those new to road bikes.

Road bikes only. It may be possible to hire a bike from the Fife Cycle Park (contact the Fife Cycle Park direct to discuss your requirements).



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