Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate marketing is one way in which websites make money. Retailers join an affiliate scheme and link with websites such as When an Active Cycle Coaching post then includes a link to a product, if a reader clicks the link and the purchases a product, Active Cycle Coaching receives a small commission.

Active Cycle Coaching is currently only a member of Amazon Associates. As an Amazon Associate, I earn money if you buy a product from, through a link from the Active Cycle Coaching website. This money goes towards the cost of maintaining the website and does not affect the price you pay for that product. 

You can learn more about websites and affiliate marketing at

The Active Cycle Coaching Philosophy

I do sometimes mention products, especially in my blog posts. These are products which are relevant to the subject I am writing about and might be a book or another product. I do not include references to products or services just to make money. All references are there because they are relevant. These references would have been made even if I was not a member of any affiliate marketing schemes.

Active Cycle Coaching will never link a product or service purely to make a sale, unless that product or service is offered directly by Active Cycle Coaching.