I am always happy to receive feedback about my coaching services.

This is what some of my adult clients have said:

“Loved yesterday’s session. I was one of the ones that was terrified of getting out of my comfort zone yesterday.  What a brilliant session though, everything was so well explained and when you put it into practice it all comes together and makes perfect sense.”

“Diana what a day,  I am still smiling. For someone who almost didn’t go thinking that she would have been well out of her depth, I thank you for convincing me otherwise. Hopefully this will kick start my enthusiasm for the bike again.”

“Amazing day Diana! Delighted to learn so much – really exciting and confidence inspiring coaching.”

“A great day and I will certainly be recommending this to some friends.”



Some feedback from my After School Cycle Club riders:

“I loved riding in the races and learning about the chain.”

“The best thing about the cycle club was learning how to go really slow.”

“I loved learning to do track stands.”

And from the parents:

“Very friendly, very well organised and very well executed cycling club. Cannot fault it at all. Thank you!”

“My daughter really enjoyed the sessions and is much more confident riding her bike.”

“This is a great club, in a safe, enclosed environment, where the kids can practise their cycling skills. Thank you!”

“My son learned new and useful skills and it really improved his confidence.”

“My daughter is much more confident on her bike now, and I feel she’s a little safer.”

“I thought it was great the children learned to use their brakes and gears properly.”